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A fantastic way to improve the appearance of your home is by paying attention to the area outside of your home. This will also be a near-guaranteed ROI and home equity boost. That’s correct, we’re talking about your backyard. So many people focus solely on the interior and exterior of their home while leaving the yard untouched and bland. Fear not, we are here to provide some tips and tricks to renovate your yard and get that head turning look.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace represents a remarkable way to set the scene for dining and provide warmth during brisker days. Stone fireplaces not only look beautiful but also have the durability essential to endure the elements. Making the fireplace the focal point of your yard is a surefire way to increase your appeal and selling ability. If a full fireplace isn’t in your budget or preference, consider a firepit instead. Firepits are a great addition to any backyard and come in a plethora of styles. Instead of a traditional wood-burning pit, consider a decorative glass, gas-powered firepit. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice fire after a long day?

Stone Burn Pit

Outdoor Furniture

Of course, if you’re going to be sitting by a fireplace, you require something to sit on. Fortunately, there are a vast variety of outdoor furniture options perfectly suited to pair with your fireplace. When decorating your exterior space, you’ll want to approach it similarly to designing the interior of your home. Pairing similar colors and schemes will make your improvements pop. Being comfortable is clearly important, yet don’t forget these pieces of furniture will be outdoors. If you lack proper storage, consider purchasing furniture that can withstand the weather conditions.

Dining Space

When you grill out with your family and friends, you’ll likely want to sit down and enjoy the magnificent day and delicious food you’ve prepared. The fireplace is gorgeous, providing atmosphere and warmth. The furniture is cozy and inviting for guests and yourself. At this time, you require a place to eat. From my standpoint, glass tables possess the most pleasing appearance, but the set should revolve around the look of your fireplace and furniture. HGTV is amazing at demonstrating the potential a yard has. For example:

HGTV Outdoor Living Space

The possibilities are endless, so find the style that suits you best and upgrades that boring, plain yard!

Separation of Levels (Terracing)

Another brilliant idea I’ve stumbled upon is to separate your backyard into levels, also known as terracing. This can be done using stairs or even a wooden wall to establish “zones” in your yard. You could include a “play” area, with volleyball or badminton, whatever yard games you enjoy. Next, a dining and seating area like the one shown formerly. This allows activities to be separated while providing your yard with a stunning visual appeal. Take your get-togethers to another level while leaving your guests awestruck.

Terraced Outdoor Living Space

Extra yard additions

A fireplace, seating, and dining area all seem to remain staples for an extravagant backyard setting. Some other ideas for improving your backyard include: adding trees or potted plants. This gives the yard a lively appearance, while also adding some color and variety. Ponds and fountains help to add tranquility and white noise to the area. A pool is not only great for exercise and entertaining guests but helps to improve home equity. A gazebo, or other standing structure, helps to establish separation and protection from rain or snow. Any or all of these ideas can be manipulated to best suit your yard, where will you start?


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