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When determining if it is time to replace your windows, it is important to recognize the difference between normal wear & tear and more immediate signs that are indicating a need for new windows. While some minor window issues can easily be solved with some simple cleaning or repairs, it is important to always contact professionals. Some major issues may not be present to the untrained eye, and damages could be far worse than expected. Ultimately, investing in new windows comes down to the individual, but here are some tips to consider before your next window purchase.

Windows are subjected to experience drastic weather changes and conditions, especially in states like Wisconsin. Due to ever-changing outdoor conditions, your windows are bound to succumb to the stress. It is important to know what is normal wear & tear, and what requires immediate action. The windows on your home may have been through scorching summers (temperatures well over 100 degrees), blistering cold winters (temperatures reaching negative values), and storms; ranging from torrential rains, blizzards, or tornadoes. This could cause paint chipping, hardware tarnishing, and dirt accumulating (both in and around the window screen). Some wear and tear is to be expected, and will not affect the windows performance much. However, there are other warning signs to be considerate of that may indicate immediate attention.

Normal (little to no risk):

Window Condensation

Includes condensation and aesthetic flaws

Condensation (water buildup inside the window) is a cause for worry to many people; however, this is perfectly normal. Condensation on your windows simply means that the temperature inside your home is warmer than the outside. This could actually mean that your windows are effectively sealed, keeping the warm air inside your home and the cold out. Although small flaws such as chipped paint, tarnished hardware, or a dirty weather stripping are not signs of immediate replacement, they do require proper care and maintenance.

Medium Risk (Need replacing soon):

Old open Window

Includes failing window operation and climate control:

Operational issues such as sashes that stick or difficulty opening and closing your windows are indicative of window failure. Although these minor flaws can sometimes be solved by small

repairs or a thorough cleaning; these issues could indicate that your windows (or the components inside) may be nearing the end of their lifespan.

Having an expert come and take a look at them is a good way to achieve peace of mind. Maybe right now isn’t the right time for investing in new windows, but it could be a good time for planning your window replacement project. Replacement windows could help provide consistent temperatures throughout your home, save you money on your energy bill, and add equity to your home.

High Risk (Need replaced immediately)

Includes safety hazards and water damage:

Every homeowner wants to have peace of mind, both at home and away. Windows are potential entry points to your home and any that are broken or severely damaged need to be tended to immediately. Symptoms such as moisture between the glass panes, leaking windows, water stains (or in severe cases wood rot), and excessive frost accumulation are red flags that water may be accumulating where it cannot be seen. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to mold and mildew, warping, or even structural damages to your home.

Although it is easy to ignore these signs or feel as though replacing the windows is not a priority, this could be a costly mistake. Installing new windows professionally is the right choice. Not only will your home be more energy efficient and safe, but your overall equity will also improve. When selling a home, new windows have an average return on investment of about 73 percent. This ranks far higher than most other interior renovations. Replacement windows are a great investment and opportunity in any home. Bring in more light, frame a view with a new architectural style, add color, and keep energy costs down.

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