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Windows have always added an amazing style to any home. They can make your home seem more inviting and modern. Today’s modern styles love large windows that give the perfect accent to your home. The variation on how you use the white and black is up to the eyes of the beholder, and there are so many ways to make this style your own. But one of the best things you can do to give your home a more modern look is adding a dark frame.

In prior years, dark frames were not that great of a choice. They faded way faster than other frames when exposed to too much sunlight and left homeowners wanting more. With today’s advances in technology, that issue is a thing of the past. Even Better, Windows of Wisconsin uses a proprietary acrylic finish that makes dark frames last longer than other brands. Come check out our showroom today and see how well our dark frames stand the test of time and the elements.

Dark frames also give a beautiful contrast that you just don’t get with lighter frames. From inside and outside the home, your windows are sure to stand out! The curb appeal increases with dark frames; the neighbors will not be able to help themselves from looking at your amazing home. Plus, dark frames are perfect for those Wisconsin winters. They absorb more heat from the sun and will bring some of that into your home.

When looking for the perfect window style, the options can be daunting. We recommend taking the what if’s out of the equation and seeing our beautiful windows in person for yourself at the nearest showroom. Check out how amazing our dark window frames look after years of use. 

Windows of Wisconsin offer the best Infinity from Marvin window replacements on the market. Every window that you choose, the choice of colors for frames, from light to dark, can change your home dramatically. Give us a call at 920-429-9119 to learn more about what we have to offer or schedule a free estimate today!

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