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When considering a career in the Trades Industry, what comes to mind usually includes Construction, Plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and Woodworking. But there is one industry that involves nearly every home or building you’ve ever been in and has a direct impact on our lives. Windows give us beautiful sunrises, fresh breezes, warmth in the winter, and brightens up every room, and Window Installers make that possible.


Crafting and installing windows can be incredibly rewarding, offering great benefits and opportunities to further develop a career. When considering the window industry, here’s a few things to know and why its a clear choice.

Drilling Wood in a window shop

Education & Training

To begin as a window installer, applicants will need a high school diploma or an equivalent. Though attending a vocational school is always a plus, it is often not required when applying, as employers will offer on-the-job training to conform to their process. Some contractors also provide formal apprenticeships, while organizations like the American Architectural & Manufacturing Association (AAMA) offers certification programs.

Job Responsibilities

Window Installers responsibilities may vary based on the employer and level of experience. Generally, window installers are responsible for fitting pre-made windows into window openings and door frames of homes and buildings, polishing and smoothing glass edges, and cleaning a worksite upon project completion. Further training and experience may see installers consulting with customers, taking accurate measurements and crafting customized frames from wood or metal to fit the request windows.

Interior of home

The role is physically demanding and, like other jobs on a construction site, can potentially be dangerous. Window Installers should expect heavy lifting and climbing to be part of the job, working on ladders or scaffolding.


At the end of the day, a career working with windows can be incredibly rewarding. Most employers offer consistent and flexible hours, a bevy of work benefits, and on-the-job training. There are opportunities for career advancement and further training/certifications, and increased pay. (Top-end window installers can make as much as $75,000/year!) Being a window installer means being a problem solver for customers, and learning to craft elegant customized windows and window frames can be incredibly fulfilling.


Windows Of Wisconsin Inc. is one of the most reputable and largest installing window dealers the Green Bay and Appleton area for 21 years. We encourage anyone interested in learning the windows trade to join our team. This is a great opportunity to work with a company that offers the latest in window technology and unique products and the best weekly pay rate in the local market. We offer paid travel time (to the job and back, usually less than 40 miles), health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, short-term disability, dental and vision benefits plus flexible work schedules. Learn more about us at our website, or apply as a window installer today!